Monday, May 16, 2011


Here is the interview I did for Open Book Toronto,
please check out the link to read the whole piece and see the other featured graphic novelists :

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Tin Manx #8

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2011

TCAF 2011 was a great success. There were a record number of folks who attended this much loved and internationally respected comics show. I was thrilled to be there with my first graphic novel and met lots of enthusiastic readers.

Joanna Karaplis thankfully took photos of my table and me sitting at it, which I didn't think to do myself.

I did come prepared to self promote with brand new business cards and free TNW buttons with an eeping Loly on it.

Thanks to author and Annick-ster Joanna for recording these moments! Check out her word-smithy site:

Thank you for buying my book!! WOOT!!WOOT!!

Here's my partner Craig manning the table while I went to spend whatever money I just made on various zines and graphic novels. TCAF is the best place to be if you collect books and zines of the comics persuasion.
I got to sit beside my old OCAD class mate Maurice Vellekoop, class of 1986! He introduced me to RAW Magazine back then and the world of alternative/underground comics.

Owl Kids author/cartoonist Clayton Hanmer was drawing up a storm at the Trio Magnus table.

The No Girls Allowed artist/cartoonist Willow Dawson was in the house:

I was very lucky to share a workshop with Claudia Davila. The kids’ workshop was about using comics as an information vehicle in activism. We invited the group to suggest two characters and subject matter to be discussed within a comic. The two panel comic became a debate between a big mouth and a tulip. Two Lips (anti-enviro parties) versus Tulip, fighting it out about the importance of environment. The Tulip won with the support of many people!
Thanks to Claudia for the book trade. Her great new graphic novel Luz Sees The Light will be released very soon, it's the story of a 12 year old embracing activism by creating a more self-sustainable community.

Much thanks to the hard work of Chris Butcher and Peter Birkemoe of the Beguiling for hosting THE greatest comics convention/show in the world!! And of course the Beguiling is the best comics store in da world!!

TCAF was held in the Toronto Reference Library, so any question about the validity of comics as literature have been smoted.

Check out the lovely TCAF promo-short artist, cartoonist, zinester Chris Hutsul filmed for the event:

Thanks to the Queen of Comics Anne Koyama, the army of TCAF volunteers, and all of you who came by and said hello! See you soon.